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We have a very exciting bit of reading for you today – an official interview with the lovely Sorsha aka Secretlover3.


I first began talking to her (Sorsha aka Secretlover3) on Reddit (yes, people do still use reddit!), a while back now , and we kind of lost contact and drifted apart, but after re-approaching her recently, she kindly agreed to do this interview for me and you wonderful readers out there. Enjoy. And enjoy, also, her beautiful pictures she kindly provided me with.

Hi there Sorsha, firstly thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview finally, it’s taken a while to get it together, but finally!
 If you can, please introduce yourself to the readers (even though most readers here will be very familiar with you!).

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

My name is Sorsha, around the internet I go by Secretlover3! I’ve been making and selling scat (and other kinky fun) videos and fetish items for 2 1/2 years now.

Awesome, thanks so much for that!  Most of our readers may already know the answer to this particular question – but for our newer readers – please can you tell us the story of how you got involved in scat-play to begin with? 

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

Well, I discovered it through my work. I like to try just about anything once, so when a guy approached me wanting me to make him a simple scat video I was happy to give it a try. I made the video and wasn’t bothered at all by scent and such, and liked the thrill of it. So, as word spread that I was willing to do scat videos I took baby step by baby step to more extreme acts within the kink, getting more and more into it as I went!

If you can – could you describe what you enjoy most about scat-play? For everyone I think the ideas are different, so please share yours.

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

I am mostly into the texture, my favorite acts involve touching scat in some way. Things like smearing it all over my body, or squishing it around in panties… I love the heat and the thick softness of it. 

What would be your favorite texture of poop to play with?

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

Bristol stool scale 4 is my favorite, and luckily my usual consistency!

Sounds absolutely amazing! Are there any scat-play scenario’s that you would like to try (either on video or privately) which you have yet to do?

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

Well, smearing with another girl would be very, very fun. That is probably one of my biggest fantasies. Another would be trying out actually feeding a human toilet physically. I’ve made many solo videos with that theme, but have never actually done it. 

I think (myself) and everyone else who appreciates your work would also love to see you smearing with another girl, and also feeding a hungry mouth 🙂  

I know that you have a strong legion of fans, but please tell us what you love most about your fans, and what “type” of fans are your favorite?
It seems that many guys are either “getting it wrong” or just having bad luck! 

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

My favorite type of fans are the happy, down to earth kind haha! The one’s who talk to me without gushing or begging, or who compliment me on occasion. Many guys come off too strongly by over complimenting, starting a conversation with sex talk, begging to be my friend, and/or fanboying to hard. Or begging to be my best friend. The one’s who can still talk to me as equals (not putting me up on a pedestal, or treating me like a object) are the ones I will actually have long conversations with. Occasionally, we even become friends! 

Indeed, I get that. Sometimes people can become too excited about a woman who is obviously very enthusiastic about sharing their fetish, so I guess you’re always going to get some people coming on too strong. We here at the Scat Blog like to encourage readers and scat participants to respect and always be discreet and very minimal in their approach to the fetish. Seems to work better than just going in there strong!

Do you personally enjoy watching other performers videos? Who are some of your favorites, if you do?

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

Even though I make porn, I don’t actually watch much porn haha. The more playful the girl is, the more likely I am to like her stuff though. I don’t really have a favorite performer since I don’t watch that sort of stuff much.

Sorsha aka Secretlover3

I can understand that! I agree that a girl who seems to be having fun and enjoying herself (for real) in the videos does appeal to myself (and a lot of others) much more than the fake ones. You are very authentic in your videos, very real.

Would you ever like to collaborate with another performer in a video? Who would it be, and how do you imagine that experience being?

Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

 Oh yeah. Well, I don’t really have another scat performer that I have a longing to work with. But I imagine the experience being pretty strange at first since I’ve only ever played in front of cameras all alone before, but likely quickly getting very fun and arousing!

Oh yeah, that would be incredibly hot to see. How far you could eventually go in that scenario would be extremely exciting indeed, I imagine. 
Now, here comes a VERY tender question: I already know the answer to this, but many people will not, and I think it’s such an important issue – where do you stand on the file-sharing situation of your videos? How do you feel, and what do you do to combat this?
Sorsha aka Secretlover3:
Well, I’m not fond of it to put it simply. When people spread my videos around, it means lots of people are watching it for free and not buying the video from me. That means I lose out on money. Porn is my full time job, and I’m no where near rich, so when things like that happens it directly effects how easily I can pay my bills. I’ve actually had a few situations where piracy was high and funds were low, and I had to start considering getting a hourly job so that I could keep paying bills. Thankfully it hasn’t gotten to the point where I have to do that yet, but it’s a worry still sometimes.
To combat it, I send DMCA notices to whatever sites I can to get the videos taken right away. I thank those who find the videos and help point the way to finding them, for some people who regularly warn me I even do things like offer discounts on videos and such as extra thanks. Also, I do understand that not everyone has the extra funds to buy porn. So I make videos and put them out there free for people to enjoy on occasion. I don’t do it to often because people get really greedy when it’s more regular, but I like to do it for celebrations and such. It lets people have something free to enjoy, spreads my name around, and everyone is happy.
I thoroughly agree with you, Sorsha. I am of the opinion that if someone can not afford to donate or purchase from you, then they are just being assholes to obtain your films in any other (file-sharing) way. Everyone has been poor (including myself), but I have always been  a huge advocate for not sharing scat material – I adore the fetish and respect it too much for that.
Now, the age-old question – Do you have any advice for guys who may possibly be looking for a beautiful scat-play partner such as yourself?
Sorsha aka Secretlover3:
Ah yes, this question haha. I am asked this privately ALL the time. I honestly don’t really have much advice on the topic, because it really is hard. Biggest thing is patience and respect. Don’t harass/bully girls to play with you, try scat, meet with you, sext you, anything like that. It seems like common sense, but it happens a lot more often then you’d think. If the girls online, talk to her like a normal human being. Maybe you’ll get lucky and develop a relationship and things go from there. If trying to find a girl in real life, keep an eye out for the sexually open girls and have patience about talking about/trying scat together. Little hint, the saying “it’s always the quiet ones” tends to ring pretty true.
What advice would you give to women who are wishing to “start getting into scat-play” from an online perspective?
Sorsha aka Secretlover3:
I suggest not showing your face right away, and if you have unique typically visible tattoos to cover them up. There is nothing wrong with showing these things, but when you first start putting up porn online it’s important to start cautious. Your videos will spread, people will be curious who you are and where you live, etc. It might end up being to much for you and you want to back out and not be a online scat girl anymore. If you take the precautions I suggested, it makes that process a lot easier. 
If you put out stuff, and you love it still even after your first waves of drama and a decent amount of time, feel free to show yourself more! You’re safety is important, and you can’t delete things once they are uploaded, so just take precautions.
Also, a given but still not fully followed by people, don’t give out personal information.
No real name, and I suggest not talking about what state/city you live in. Some girls do, and they have some serious guts. I personally think it’s way to risky. 
Oh, and watermark your stuff! Otherwise it will definitely spread, and more likely then not people will steal it and try to claim they are the girl in the video (either for attention or to scam others). Watermarking helps keep scamming to a minimum, and helps with spreading. And when the videos/pics do spread sometimes, it is advertisement till it gets taken down!
Amazing tips there, and most of it people would already be aware of, but I have heard horror stories about scat performers being “outed” to family/friends/coworkers, which is sad really. The tips that you gave above will definitely help any young up-and-coming girls!
Thank you, once again for taking the time to answer these questions for the readers, do you have any final comments? 🙂
Sorsha aka Secretlover3:

After my long advice response I don’t think I have anything more to say 🙂
Happy fapping! 
Amazing work, Sorsha, and I truly hope this interview manages to gain you some new fans, and customers!
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