Interview with Schnuckel Bea aka Riccarda Sohr

Schnuckel Bea

At swayze_crayze‘s request via reddit i found some Porn Videos with Schnuckel Bea and posted those videos here – .

But today I transcribed and translated from the German interview with Schnuckel Bea aka Riccarda Sohr and you will read it there !

John Thompson’s interview with Schnuckel Bea in 666’s Vollgepisst



John Thompson: Hi Bea, so there you are once again.

Schnuckel Bea: That’s right, here I am once more.

JT: Didn’t you get enough cum last time?

Schnuckel Bea: No.

JT: It was a good load though, wasn’t it?

SchnuckelBea: It sure was.

JT: So you said to yourself, “Why don’t I visit old John again to get fucked and cum plastered once more”?

SchnuckelBea: Yes, there’s no better place to go for a good fuck than here.

JT: Really?

SchnuckelBea: Yeah.


JT: Do you actually cum during the shoots?

SchnuckelBea: Sure.

JT: Really? What makes you cum?

SchnuckelBea: The whole fucking thing… and the piss… the pissing.

JT: You particularly like that, right?

SchnuckelBea: I do.

JT: Does piss taste better than cum?

SchnuckelBea: Piss tastes a whole lot better than cum.

JT: Cum can have a lot of difference in taste, right?

SchnuckelBea: A lot of difference in taste, and it can sometimes taste really ‘sharp’ too.

JT: But the best thing is to get fucked by a big dick?

Schnuckel Bea: Yeah.

JT: Okay. Would you say that you need sex every day?

Schnuckel Bea: I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but I guess you could put it like that.

JT: You could put it like that but… (laughs). Well, I have managed to line up 47 guys so let’s see if you’re right. But you do have a steady boyfriend, right?

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Schnuckel Bea: Yeah, I have a boyfriend.

JT: And does he like the fact that you’re doing porn?

Schnuckel Bea: Yeah, it turns him on.

JT: So is he waiting to see your next movie to see you get fucked?

Schnuckel Bea: Yes.

JT: And he will probably fuck you again right after seeing the movie, right?

Schnuckel Bea: Of course.

JT: What would you like to say to girls who don’t like sex?

SchnuckelBea: That they’re frish… frigid.

JT: Are they missing anything?

SchnuckelBea: They sure are.

JT: And the pissing?

SchnuckelBea: They’re missing that too.

JT: How old were you when you got pissed on for the first time?

SchnuckelBea: I was 14 when I first pissed all over myself.

JT: You did it yourself, at 14?

SchnuckelBea: Yeah, that’s when I had my first orgasm.

JT: From pissing?

SchnuckelBea: No, I pissed when I had my orgasm.

JT: I understand. You should do that in today’s shoot as well, pissing all over yourself, can you manage that?

SchnuckelBea: Yes, I think so, if I have enough to drink.


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