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Is there a one of the best Fantastic Movies in 2018. Today I give you one of them, Avengers: Infinity War download now. Yes, yes, I know that you have been waiting for it for a long time and there were so many questions, now you can download, enjoy viewing in HD.

While the Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from various dangers that one superhero could not cope with, a new threat comes from outer space: Thanos. The intergalactic tyrant is pursuing the goal of collecting all six Infinity Stones - artifacts of incredible power, with which you can change the reality at will. Everything that the Avengers encountered earlier led to this moment - the fate of the Earth has never been so vague.

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The war of infinity, where every person is important
I watched the film last night, and there were a lot of impressions. Probably I will be banal and completely unoriginal, if I say that I liked the movie. But immediately I want to justify my assessment, but I will immediately say and add that I am not a fan of this universe and super heroes, probably because I grew up, or simply I like horror and thrillers rather than fantasy. And in general, I think that all these films are aimed at teenagers, so they do not have what I like to watch in Asian films (my favorite subject) - a touching conversation, a distinct villain and the emotional play of the actors. After all, masterpieces are such films as "Green Mile", "Gone with the Wind", "List of Shingler", those that cause genuine emotions and tears. A movie blockbuster, collect cash and leave the stage, forgetting, leaving no big questions and emotions.

Many years passed, and then the Avengers: Infinity War HD. I was skeptical about this film HD, but all my fears were dispelled. The film turned out to be saturated not only in terms of special effects and cool chases and bright heroes, but also very emotional. Heroes have become more humane, simple, not in terms of strength, but in terms of feelings. The pathos has disappeared, trembling and tenderness towards each other have appeared, some scenes are off-scale with tragedy but not invented, but sincere and sincere, if I may say so. The actors changed with their heroes, became much more friendly and holistic, all their phrases and actions are grounded, emotional.

Humanized and colored, not only to the cold robot, but also to the main villain who does not strive for infinite power and trembling before his name, he wants a clean palate and peace in the whole world, no matter how trite it may sound. He is not a tyrant, as he wants to imagine, he is a tired traveler, without a home and a loved one, it proves not only a tear, but also a look after the end of the battle.

However, if you move away from excessive sentimentality and sad thoughts, the film turned out spectacular and large-scale, both in terms of locations, but also in terms of attracting super heroes and super artists with a capital letter. List all the characters do not make sense, they are all known and loved, but as I said earlier the film was pleasantly surprised, because all the characters are a little comical and a lot of tragic, so to speak, acquired human features.

To sum it all up, it seems to me that this dialogue of the Avengers: Infinity War HD, is the crown of the cinema of the universe of Marvel movie. This film unites not only superheroes of all countries and galaxies, but also unites countries and continents. I think the film will be the record holder at the box office, and this is understandable because the film turned out excellent, so that I want to review and wait with impatience for the continuation.

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