Dorm Room Collusion Part: 3/3
Synopsis: Kim and Lia are walking down the hall, two months after receiving an unexpected visitor.
Kim dragged Lia down the hall. “Listen, Lia,” she hissed. “It’s going to happen again.”“What’s going to happen?”Kim groaned. “What were you doing in the bathroom?” she said.Lia looked defensive. “Uh, what? Peeing?”


Kim stopped, turning in front of Lia to face her. She looked at Lia, intently and uncomfortably. “Was there anything else you were planning to do in there? Anything that you didn’t do?,” she said pointedly.

Lia shifted, and didn’t meet her gaze. Then she looked at Kim directly. “No, there was nothing else. You’re acting weird.” Lia pulled her hand out of Kim’s. Then Lia stiffened, her gaze becoming distant, looking at nothing.

“Dammit,” hissed Kim. Even as she tugged again at Lia’s limp hand, with Lia unconsciously, passively resisting, rocking automatically back on her heels, Kim knew it was too late. She looked closely at Lia who seemed to shiver slightly, still gazing at nothing. Then she heard a soft crackling noise.

Kim looked up and down the hall guiltily. Lia trembled again, leaning forward slightly, and once again Kim heard that soft crackling noise, this time lasting longer. Kim didn’t smell anything yet.

It all happened in a few seconds. Lia blinked and straightened, her eyes focusing. Recognition dawned on her face, only to be wiped out as her whole body twitched. She softly moaned in pleasure, then her breath caught, her hands lightly touching her thighs as she took a half-step forward. ” And then it was all over.

Lia, fully aware, took a half-step towards the wall and leaned against it, her legs trembling.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she repeated to herself. She uncomfortably shifted.

“Yeah, literally,” Kim said softly. She took Lia’s hand, and Lia allowed herself to be led down the hall, taking careful steps.

“Why didn’t I remember?” Lia shivered. “How long does it take me to forget? Wait, I think something happens to you, too.”

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“What do you mean,” said Kim anxiously. “I only remember this happening to you, and being too embarrassed to try bringing it up. I try to tell you, but you get really uncomfortable and don’t believe me, and then you treat me weird even though you forget again.”

“I don’t know. I think something weird happens when you take me to our room.”

Kim didn’t have time to think about it, as she had unlocked their dorm room, and they were walking inside.

* * *

Kim finally caught a strong whiff of what was in Lia’s pants, and she began immediately taking off her own clothes. Lia didn’t notice immediately, gingerly touching the edges of her panties, but then said, “Shit, what are you doing?”Kim didn’t answer. She was quickly completely naked, her clothes in a pile next to her. She turned her back to Lia, and Lia was transfixed by the site of Kim’s ass. She couldn’t look away, and moved closer, her filled panties momentarily forgotten.Kim squatted and her asshole become visible as her butt cheeks spread open. Lia couldn’t move. She could only watch. Time stopped. Finally, Kim’s asshole dilated, and a brown tip slowly emerged. Slowly and smoothly, something thick and brown slid from Kim’s enlarged asshole. When it became too long, part of it broke off and fell to the carpetless floor with a soft smack. Kim made a small pile on the floor, and her asshole slowly closed. Seconds later, Kim twitched, her butt cheeks flexing, and she came.Kim straightened up and turned, and Lia moved towards her, reaching for Kim’s breasts. Then they began to kiss.

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