Dorm Room Collusion Part: 2/3
Synopsis: Kim and Lia receive an unexpected visitor, from Lia’s perspective.
Lia and Kim were each sitting at their desks, their backs to each other, doing homework. Lia was writing an essay on stoic philosophy, not due for another two weeks, of course, and wondering whether she needed more sources.“Hey, do you want to go get some food?” Kim said. Kim was always hungry, perpetually running on the treadmill and lifting tiny weights. Lia played badminton at least once a week with a group of friends, and she walked all over campus like everyone else, but she wasn’t nearly as athletic as Kim.

“In a bit. I want to get a little more done,” Lia said. She thought to herself, I need more quotes by Zeno.


Then Lia’s cell phone rang—the backbeat of Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance.” She thought it was hilarious, even though she knew it annoyed the hell out of everyone around her. They’ll get why it’s funny, eventually, even though we’re now on week three.

She looked at the display. There was no name: the number wasn’t in her contacts list, so all she saw was ten digits in her area code. Lia never bothered to answer numbers she didn’t recognize, preferring to let the go to voicemail, if the caller even left a message at all. But, for some reason, she felt compelled to answer. She hit the button and put the phone to her ear, and hesitated a moment before starting to speak. Before she could say anything, a voice spoke.

“Lia, basic trance. Open the door for me.” Recognition, indignation, humiliation, and sick fury flashed through Lia, making her skin crawl and punching her in the gut. But quicker than thought, the wave of complicated emotion was dampened and deadened by a dissociated, fuzzy, warmth. Lia felt herself relax, like she was floating and wrapped in a warm blanket at the same time. Her body, the room, and Kim all seemed far away.

Lia put down her phone and glided to the door. She turned the bolt and stepped to the side. The wall was all that was interesting, and even that barely registered in her mind. She was dimly aware of someone walking past her into the room. On some level, she knew who it was, and her body responded. She distantly felt excitement, fear, and pleasurable anticipation. She felt a tingling between her legs.

Dimly she became aware of an ongoing conversation. Kim was talking now, then he replied. She became concerned for Kim. She won’t understand. And neither do I, she thought. And then the ability to think flitted away again, and there was only floating warmth for several timeless minutes.

Then: “Lia, are you ok? Tell Kim to just wait and listen to me. Tell her that everything’s ok.” The voice cut through everything, made everything else dim in comparison. She was an extension of that voice. That voice was her will. Fluidly, on the heels of comprehension, she spoke:

“I’m ok. Kim, wait and listen to him. Everything is ok,” Lia heard her words as if they were spoken by another person. Yet they were her words, she knew, and they were true.

There was more murmuring of voices in the distance, and then, suddenly, Lia felt like she was firmly in her body. But, she was so confused. Everything was like a dream. She was helpless and she didn’t know what to do.

“Lia, go stand by your desk.” The voice still cut through everything. It was another’s voice, now, but it was such a relief to know what to do. She felt another tingle between her legs as she walked over to her desk. She stopped, facing her desk, and looked down, not sure what to do.

“Lia, are you ok?” Another voice, so different from the first. It carried nothing of the urgently important, crystal clear sound and feeling of the first voice, but it was very familiar. Kim, her best friend, was asking her a question.

She answered, automatically, “I’m ok.” And that was true, too. She was confused, and she couldn’t possibly know what to do, but that was ok. Everything was ok.

There were more questions, but she didn’t know the answers. She responded searchingly, vaguely, but the lack of knowledge still didn’t stir her heavy calm.

Then: “Lia, go to the bathroom and pee only. Leave the door open.” Again, she was so relieved to know what to do. She walked over to the bathroom and turned on the light as she entered. She almost reached to close the door, but stopped herself. Confused, but still in motion, she moved to the toilet and pulled down her pants. The open door was disconcerting. Lia felt embarrassed. She knew that Kim only had to stand up and walk a step and she’d be able to see Lia with her pants around her ankles, hunched forward on the toilet. She couldn’t start peeing under such circumstances, but she already was.

It seemed as if the dimming of some of her senses had made the others stronger to compensate. Lia was acutely aware of the cool feel of the toilet seat, the slight scratchiness of pubic hair between her legs, and hiss of her urinating. It sounded different with the door open. Lia felt the slight stirring of perhaps having to poop if she waited for a little bit, but she knew she wasn’t supposed to do that. She was only supposed to pee. She automatically took a quick swipe between her legs with some toilet paper, and then she pulled her pants up and buckled her belt. She was quickly at the bathroom door, just as confused as before. She dimly wondered if they had listened to her pee, and she didn’t know what to think.

“Go back over to your desk, Lia. And then take off your clothes.” The voice and a subsequent feeling of shock cut through Lia’s blankness. Peeing was one thing. Peeing with the door open could be uncomfortably ignored and automatically rationalized away. After all, no one had been looking at her. But to stand in the middle of the room, in front of two people? With her best friend looking at her? They had only randomly seen each other naked a handful of times. They changed into pajama’s in the bathroom, and were often strangely uncomfortable around each other when alone and in close quarters. To be naked, in front of Kim and on display was unthinkable. The dimly registered other person paled in importance. Lia could think only of Kim.

But Lia was already taking off her clothes. Her shirt was already off, and she was pulling down her pants. Another wave of embarrassment and confusion hit Lia when her pants were at her knees. Something was wrong here. Why was she doing this? And yet, there was the pleasant tingle between her legs. She was so confused.

“It’s ok, sweetie,” Kim said. Of course it was ok. Lia was free to focus on the tingle between her legs, and she happily stepped out of her pants. Her bra and underwear followed quickly, her bra landing on her chair, which wasn’t pushed in all the way. Her nipples felt sensitive in the open air.

“Lia, turn around and put one leg on the chair. Lean over a bit and spread your legs.”

This wasn’t right, either. Uncertainty and embarrassment cut again through her calm. She steadied herself against her desk and the back of the chair. She was so spread open. No one had ever looked at her like this. It was incomprehensible. Lia felt like her body wasn’t her own, and at the same time felt so exposed, like her body would fall to pieces because she was doing such strange things with it.

She had actually bent over once, legs slightly spread, with her back to a full-length mirror. It had been surprising to see the tuft of pubic hair poking out from between her legs, and her puckered asshole out of the corner of her eye. She had quickly straightened up, forgetting about the whole experiment.

“Ok, Lia. I want you to relax. Take a deep breath. In a moment, you’ll feel like you have to poop,”

Again, Lia was dumbfounded. There was a roaring in her ears, but the idea of taking her leg off the chair and putting an end to the whole situation never entered her mind, even slightly. She whimpered. She realized she was speaking.

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“No… no.”

“Lia, feel yourself relax. Let your butt unclench, just let it all out. You can’t hold it back, and don’t try to push. Just let it smoothly slide out. You can’t hold it back. Feel it come. You’re feeling full and heavy and good. You’re filling up. It will be such a relief to let it all slide out. You feel the poop coming. You feel it moving and building up.”

Lia whispered, unconsciously and unsuccessfully trying to distract herself from what was happening. Instead, she felt everything sensation acutely and perfectly. She was also perfectly aware of Kim’s attention on her. Kim was so close now that the awareness made her skin crawl. She knew Kim could see everything, more than Lia herself had ever seen, even though it was her own body.

She felt a growing heaviness and fullness below her belly-button and slightly to the left. It was a pleasant sensation. It felt so good to be so filled. To have so much pressing inside her. But she was becoming increasingly frantic and still just as helpless, trapped inside her body. She knew her butt cheeks and her asshole were completely relaxed. She knew it was only a matter of time. She felt the stirring inside, the thrill of emotion that this was actually happening. Yes, she was going to poop. Yes, it was going to come out, to come inexorably sliding out. Kim was going to watch it happen. And Lia couldn’t even speed things up and just get it over with. She was powerless to push, in the thrall of hypnotic suggestion and peristalsis. Lia’s body was pooping, not Lia, and Lia could feel it happening.

First there was the easy, effortless slide of the feeling of fullness moving even lower. Then there was the external sensation of her asshole stirring. Disbelief roared through her. Yes, there was poop poking out of her butt. She imagined it was huge and brown and that Kim was looking it. She felt so exposed and dirty, so small, yet so alive. She was pooping in front of someone, right in someone’s face, really. There was nothing more secret, nothing more hidden, nothing more disgusting, yet here she was. She smelled it now, but she was still here. She hadn’t disintegrated from shame and then blown away. She was still witness to her stinking poop.

Heavy, thick, and brown, it was still inching its way out of Lia’s distended asshole. The steady slide of the poop’s textured friction tickled the nerves of Lia’s rectum from deep inside to the nerves circling the stretched pucker of her asshole. The steady slide of complicated sensation made Lia’s body sing. The poop coming out felt so big, so long, and so slow. And, the whole time, there was Lia, on display, poop sticking out of her ass, poop sliding out of her ass, out of her body, out of her soul. Lia felt like everything dark was coming out of her, that it was all being received and accepted by Kim. No one had run screaming, they were both still watching her, smelling her, as the bottom dropped out of her sensuously relaxed belly, and she felt lighter and lighter.

It came easier and faster, and then she was done. She felt her asshole close off and return to her, sliding up the last bit of poop that squeezed out.

Lia was softly talking to herself: “Oh, that felt so good. Oh, it smells now. That was so scary. You’re ok. You’re ok. Oh my god, I pooped in front of Kim. My best friend saw me poop. She saw it all come out. Oh, I’m tingling all over. I feel so light and weak. Oh, I made a mess. There was so much. I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop. It wasn’t my fault. Oh, I feel so good now. I feel so embarrassed now.” She felt like her entire body was blushing, and she felt so luxurious and alive at the same time. But what came next was a shock.

The words weren’t for her: “Put your finger in your mouth, get it really wet and slimy, and then push it up Lia’s ass.”

Lia moaned. Another incomprehensible idea. Lia had barely penetrated her pussy when she masturbated, let alone put any fingers… up there. As if what had happened before wasn’t enough, Kim was going to be inside her? The idea was terrifying and thrilling to Lia at the same time. She didn’t think anything could fit up there, going in the wrong direction.

And then, too quickly to think more about it, Kim’s finger was tentatively touching her. The sensation was shocking and new. Lia could barely process where it was coming from. It was far too intense at first, but Lia had nowhere to go. She couldn’t move. And then there was the sensation of being penetrated. It was a feeling of wrongness, like something far too big was being forced… inside her. It burned slightly, which Lia dimly reasoned was an accidental graze of Kim’s fingernail.

A moment passed as Kim worked her finger deeper.

“Lia, gently push out, just a little bit.”

That made it easier. Lia realized, in fact, that having a finger up her ass wasn’t too unpleasant, now that she’d had bit to get used to it. The angle and pressure of Kim’s finger, made Lia aware of everything between her legs in a new light. She realized that her other hole was slippery, and she felt like her pussy lips were puffy and open. She realized that the tingling she’d felt earlier was now an aching need. But, again, she was so embarrassed. To be aroused and naked, needful even, in front of her best friend was shameful. And what could Kim do? Lia reasoned that neither of them were lesbians: there was nothing to be done except to ache, left hanging, unfinished.

But Kim’s fingers brushed just then against her straining clit, and tingling pleasure raced and exploded through her lower body. It was the most welcome touch in the world, and Lia knew she would have release. Kim’s touch felt familiar, somehow, like it was natural to have your clit rubbed by your best friend. It felt so good, but, even in its warm familiarity, so wrong.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Lia whispered.

“Lia, touch yourself until you come. Come hard.”

Finally, the release she wanted was hers to take. As she shifted her weight, she became aware of Kim’s curled fingers, nestled up against her pussy hole. She became freshly aware of her best friend’s finger in her ass. She was going to touch herself. She was going to come hard in front of two people.

Lia began to touch herself, and she moaned in pleasure. She dimly heard Kim reassuring her. But Lia was focused only on her own touch, which felt so incredibly good. She realized that this was what she’d been waiting for all along. This was what she’d needed, and everything that had happened that night was building up to this release.

After only a minute or two of expert rubbing and circling, a final release cut through Lia, a pleasure that was sharp and spreading, timeless as her body jerked and quivered, mouth open, breath caught in her throat. She became aware of Kim’s finger sliding out of her, sticking a little bit along the way. It felt so small and thin now, her asshole slowly closing after it was removed.

“Lia, you can put your foot down now.” Lia shivered and stiffly took her foot off the chair. She shifted her weight awkwardly, her back to Kim and the boy. She felt dreamy and exhausted. Her audience seemed distant and inconsequential.

“Lia, go to the bathroom and wipe yourself. Then get ready for bed and go to sleep.”

Lia got ready for bed as if in a dream. Kim was there for a moment. She felt Kim’s warm touch briefly, welcome and relaxing.

Lia crawled into bed naked, the two other people in the room barely registering. She fell deeply asleep in seconds, warm and spent.

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