Caught with his Pants Down

“I gotta take a dump, man” the guy in the cell told the cop sitting at his desk.

“So go ahead. That’s why there’s a toilet in there.”

“Well, I just wanted to warn you. It could get pretty stinky.”

“Don’t worry about it. If it gets bad, I’ll grab the air freshener.”

The cop went back to reading police reports. He hardly noticed Reilly as he stripped off his shirt, pulled down his pants and sat down on the toilet seat. It wasn’t long however, before Officer Hicks noticed the strong stink of shit in the room. He looked over at Reilly and said, “Damn. You weren’t shittin’ me. What’d you eat? A few cans of beans?”

“Sure smells like it, huh. No, just the way I’ve always been, dropping real nasty stink bombs when I take a crap.”

“Damn. I’d better find that air freshener.” Hicks commented.

Hicks began rummaging through the desk drawers as Reilly continued, “Funny though. After a while, I don’t really mind it that much. In fact, it even makes me horny sometimes.”

Hicks looked up at Reilly for a second. “Horny? You’re crazy man. There’s no way smelling some stinky shit would ever make me horny.” Hicks resumed his searching, found the spray can and took off the cap.

“You don’t really want to cover up the smell with that flowery crap do you? It’s not so bad in here now, is it?”

Hicks looked at the spray can kind of strangely and then said, “You know. I hate this flowery crap. The smell in here is not so bad now anyway.”

“Yeah. Just put that stuff away and go back to reading your reports man. I’ll be done in a minute and then the stink is bound to go away eventually. That flowery shit makes me gag.”

“I’ll just put this stuff away and go back to reading my reports. I’m sure the stink will subside once you’re done. Besides, this flowery shit makes me gag.” Like a robot, Hicks put the spray can back in the drawer and then went back to reading.

“So what are you reading about?”

“Oh, just some traffic report.”

“You sure it’s not the report about me. You know the one where I raped that man in the park restroom.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Bet you’re wondering how I overpowered that big straight dude, huh.”

“Yeah. I was wondering about that. He was a lot bigger than you.”

“Well the truth is, it wasn’t long after I’d taken a dump, you know, a real stinky one like I’m doing now, I could see through the hole in the wall that the guy had a fuckin’ erection. Course, his dick wasn’t as big as mine. There aren’t many men that have a dick bigger than this, see?” Reilly proudly grabbed hold of his erect cock and stroked it a few times for the cop. “Your dick must be gettin real hard in your pants, now, huh. The stinky smell in here is turning you on big time, isn’t it. That nasty disgusting smell of shit is so fucking arousing to you. Makes you wanna pull out your dick and jerk off.”

As Hicks stared at Reilly’s big dick, he could feel his own cock swell in his pants. “The stink in here is really turning me on.” Hicks stated dumbly. “Nasty disgusting smell… makes me wanna jerk off…”

“That’s right officer. Only when I snap my fingers, you will obey my commands, but think that you are just having an interesting conversation with me. Nothing out of the ordinary. Only that the more we talk, the more pleasurable you will find the experience.”—SNAP—“Come over to the bars while we continue our conversation.”

Hicks blinked a couple of times and then got up and walked over to the bars of the cell. Reilly admired the large outline of the cops erection through his pants.

“Pull out your dick and stick it through the bars, man.” Reilly ordered. Hicks, without realizing it, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and stuck it through the bars.

“That’s good. Now start stroking it nice and slow like this.” Reilly squeezed the head of his dick and slowly moved his hand up and down his hard thick shaft. Hicks watched carefully and then stuck his hand through the bars and repeated the motion on his own stiff cock.

“Good job. Now what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. You were about to ask me about how hard it can get and how hot it is down there.”

“So… uh you were saying how hard it can get and uh.. how hot it is down there?” Jack asked although he couldn’t remember exactly what they had been talking about. Just that it felt so fucking good talking to the man behind bars.

“Oh yeah, it’s fucking nasty down there man. It really stinks too. They really fucked me over down there. Turn around and drop your pants and I’ll show you how hard they fucked me up the ass, man.”

Jack couldn’t resist doing what the man told him. He turned around, dropped his pants and pressed his naked ass between the cell bars. “So, they really fucked you up the ass?”

“That’s right, man. They really screwed me, man. Just like this.” The convict pulled out his hard dick and pressed it into the cops butt. “Yeah. That’s it. Grab your dick and jerk off while I fuck you man. It’s so hard and hot down there.”

“Hard and Hot” Jack repeated as he grabbed his dick and began stroking it in earnest as the man fucked his behind.

“Yeah. I’m fucking your brains out Officer and you are fucking loving every minute of it. Yeah. You fucking love having a man’s dick stuck up your ass. You love to get fucked.”

That’s when Officer Bradley came in and found them. “What the fuck is going on here, Hicks!”

Officer Hicks was completely out of it and didn’t even acknowledge his fellow officer. All he could say was, “Fuck me. Oh yeah… Fuck me.”

“Hicks is enjoying his ass fuck, officer. He sure does have a hot tight butt.”

“What the fuck did you do to him, Reilly? Shit! It fucking stinks in here!”

Reilly smiled knowing that he’d soon have the cop eating out of his hand—or better yet, eating out of his ass. “That’s right. You fucking pigs like it real stinky, don’t ya.”

“Why you. I oughta come in there and bust your ass! Hicks! Snap out of it!” Bradley managed to pull Hicks away from the cell and for a moment, Hicks seemed to realize something wasn’t right.

“Bradley? Something wrong?” Hicks asked bleary-eyed.

“You bet your ass something’s wrong, Hicks. I come in here and find you letting this bum stick his dick up your ass! Now pull up your pants while I straighten this guy out.”

“Yes Sir.” Hicks bent over and slowly pulled up his pants.

Bradley approached the prison cell and was kind of shocked to see how big Reilly’s dick was. Reilly just stood there stroking it, keeping it hard. “Looks like you caught me with my pants down, officer. Like my dick? Sure is big, isn’t it? Biggest dick you ever saw, huh. Big and hard.” As Bradley watched, it seemed like Reilly’s dick had gotten even bigger. It must have been nearly a foot long. Bradley’s cock started to swell in his pants although he was completely unaware of it. He’d forgotten what he was gonna tell Reilly. He found himself just standing there watching the man in the cell stroke his enormous fuck pole. The hypnotic stink in the air penetrating his cop brain.

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“You know Officer. I’d really appreciate it if you would help me out.”

“Help you out?” Bradley repeated, still mesmerized by the sight of Reilly’s cock.

“Yeah. If you’d just send Hicks in here, it would really help.”

“Hicks. Come over here.” Bradley said never looking away from the prisoner’s dick. “Come and help this guy out.” Bradley fumbled with the keys and eventually got the cell door unlocked. Hicks went inside and neither man bothered to close the cell door.

“You wouldn’t mind dropping your pants again, would you Hicks. I’d like to fuck you some more. And continue our conversation….”

“No, I wouldn’t mind. I love to get fucked and I was really enjoying our um… conversation.” Hicks stated as he dropped his pants again and positioned his ass in front of Reilly’s big dick.

“You don’t mind, do you Officer Bradley? In fact, I think you’ll enjoy watching this. Get your dick out and slowly stroke your cock and you’ll see what I mean.”

“No, I don’t mind.” Bradley said dumbly. He was going to enjoy watching his fellow officer take it up the ass. Bradley pulled out his now hard cock and began to stroke it as he watched Reilly stick his huge dick up his partner’s ass.

As Reilly began thrusting his dick into Hicks butt, he said, “You know Bradley. My butt stinks like shit. It’s real nasty and disgusting.”

“Nasty and disgusting…” Bradley repeated mindlessly.

“I bet you’d really get off on humiliating yourself by sticking your head up my ass and licking the shit out of my asshole.”

“Get off… humiliating myself… stick head up your ass… lick your asshole…” the cop drawled as he entered the cell and approached Reilly. As Bradley walked he continued to stroke his cock and stare at Reilly’s behind.

“That’s right, Bradley. My fucking butt is irresistable. You can’t wait to taste it.”

“Can’t wait to taste it.” Bradley repeated as he got down on his knees behind Reilly’s ass.

Reilly farted right in the cop’s face as he continued to fuck Hicks up the ass. “Oh yeah. Sniff and lick my shithole, you fucking pig! Tongue fuck my ass while I fuck your partner with my big dick.”

Bradley obediently stuck his nose into the man’s ass crack and took a big whiff. Then he stuck out his tongue and began licking as Reilly’s ass moved in and out from his face. In his mind, Bradley was thinking about how much he enjoyed his job. How superior it made him feel to strip search a prisoner and how good it felt to interrogate them just like he was doing now. Hick’s mind had fixated on the last thing Reilly had told him. How he loved getting his brains fucked out and that he really got off on taking a man’s dick up his ass and getting fucked. All Hicks could say was, “Fuck me.. Oh yeah.. Fuck me!”

Officer Taylor came into the cell block next and was also surprised at what he found. “Shit it stinks in here!” Taylor’s jaw suddenly dropped as he saw the three men going at it. Bradley licking Reilly’s ass, as Reilly fucked Officer Hicks. “What the fuck are you guys doing?”

Reilly turned his head toward Taylor and said simply, “Nothing unusual is going on, Officer. Everything’s fine.”

“Everything’s fine?! You call this fine?” As Taylor yelled, Reilly could see that the cop was getting flustered and his pants were beginning to tent. The stink in the room was having the same hypnotic and erotic effect on the man that it had on the others. “I come in here and find you guys… uh…” Taylor was finding it hard to concentrate.

Reilly repeated his words soothingly, “Just relax. Everything’s fine. Nothing unusual happening here. Just standard procedure. The usual strip search.”

“Everything’s fine… Nothing unusual…Just following standard procedure… doing a strip search…” Taylor repeated dumbly.

“So, Officer Taylor, UHH… I appreciate you supervising your fellow officers. FUCK… Make sure they do things right.” Reilly groaned out the words as he continued fucking.

“Uh huh…” Taylor just nodded as he continued to be aroused watching the men fuck.

“You know you can’t leave. Oooo…yeah… You must stay and watch.”

“Must stay and.. And.. watch..” Taylor agreed.

“Even though you have to piss so very badly, OH SHIT YES… you know you can’t leave.”

Taylor suddenly felt the urge to pee, but knew that he couldn’t hit the head. He had to stay and supervise. “Need to piss, but can’t leave.” “Oh that’s it, Officers. You men are doing a fine job.” Reilly groaned to Hicks and Bradley.

Reilly turned back to Taylor, “You really can’t hold it in much longer. In fact, you think you’re gonna piss your pants.”

Taylor got an uncomfortable look on his face as he tried to keep from pissing himself.

“Just relax and piss your pants, Officer. It’s perfectly acceptable given the situation. You gotta piss like a race horse, but you must stay here and supervise. No time to pull out your dick. You can’t hold it any longer.”

“Can’t hold it any longer…” Taylor grunted. Then he sighed with relief as he let his piss shoot from his cock and soak his tan pants.

Reilly got off on seeing the cop’s crotch turn dark with piss and he could see the stain spread down his right leg. “Pissing your pants feels so fucking arousing. You can’t resist pulling out your weiner and jerking off as you continue watching your fellow officers get fucked.”

“Must…. Jerk…Off…” Taylor said slowly as he removed his dick from his pants.

“That’s right, officer. Show me how much you approve of this fucking situation by fucking shooting your load while you fucking watch us fuck.”

Like a fucking zombie, Officer Taylor stroked his hard dick. He fucking loved supervising his men as they worked over a prisoner. Even though it was really the prisoner who was working over his men, himself included. It wasn’t long before Reilly had convinced Taylor to remove his piss stained briefs and jack off as he pressed them to his nose. Taylor just kept thinking that this was all standard procedure as he stood there half naked beating his meat while sniffing his piss soaked shorts and watching his men getting fucked.

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