It was fun being a movie exec. You could audition beautiful young women and get them to sleep with you in exchange for a promise of stardom. You could, if you wanted, get them to perform other, more humiliating services. But eventually I always ran up against something the girl just wouldn’t do, no matter what the incentive.
Fortunately, the job is highly paid. I was able to invest some of my earnings in a hypnotism course, which taught me high-level mind control skills. Now, when a pretty girl comes through my door, I don’t have to offer her anything. I don’t have to persuade her to consent to my wishes by normal means, I can make her my helpless slave just by fixing her with a powerful gaze and talking slowly. Soon she’s my slave, and I can have her do anything I want. I can also let most of her mind be conscious throughout, so that she is quite aware of what she’s doing, but powerless to help it. At the end I simply send her on her way with a post-hypnotic command forbidding her to tell anyone what happened, and perhaps instructions to return for second helpings at a later date.

I’m in my office and an agency is sending a new actress over, a silky blonde called Charlize. I prepare by meditating for a few minutes. Then I have the secretary send her in. She enters nervously. She’s in a short skirt and tight top, they all dress sexily to impress in this town. Her skin is So Very Smooth. Small pert breasts, long legs, and a nice round derriere.
I ask her to sit. Then I stare into her eyes. This can be difficult at times, since the girls are often so lovely one’s eyes have a tendency to stray all over. Charlize’s body is tempting, but I discipline myself to ignore it for now.
“Your name?” I ask. The hypnosis has already begun.
“Charlize.” She replies. A sweet voice.
A few more innocent questions – age, place of birth – and I snap into the hypnosis routine. I change the wording so she doesn’t immediately realise what I’m doing. By the time it becomes clear, she’s under.
I then proceed with the interview. I ask her all about her sex life, and her sexual fantasies. I’m also very interested in the neuroses and dislikes of my victims. It turns out Charlize has a horror of rape, and an aversion to all things anal. Duly noted.
I decide to push a few buttons. I’ve allowed Charlize to remain conscious so far, she has no control over what she’s said and she’s awfully embarrassed. She can’t understand why she’s revealing all this personal information to a complete stranger. I’ll keep her conscious and let her experience her coming degradation first-hand.
“Strip, bitch.” I sit back and enjoy the show, as she denudes herself, revealing that pale and slinky body, the pert tits and close-shaven pussy.
“Turn around. Bend over. Spread your ass-cheeks.” I get her to look over her shoulder at me so I can enjoy her discomfort at this humiliating position. I place my hand at her lips.
“Lick my fingers, little bitch. Get them all wet.” The obedient slut slobbers over my hand, her little pink tongue curling round my fingers and lapping between them. Once she’s got my hand sufficiently lubricated I position my index finger at the tight pink starfish of her anus and shove it in, hard.
She cries out. But I haven’t given her permission to move, so she remains, leaning forward with her ass sticking cutely out, while I violently rape her asshole with my finger. When it’s loose enough, I shove a second finger in, spreading the slut’s hole a little wider.
“How does it feel, cunt?
“Ah – it h-hurts…” A tear runs down her cheek. I smack her ass for the hell of it.
Pulling my fingers out, I sniff them. Dirty. They’re stained brown. I offer them to her mouth again. “Clean your shit off.” She doesn’t need asked twice. Her tongue performs the same intricate lapping and slurping, and she sucks each finger thoroughly to remove any traces of her own faeces. Her lips curl in involuntary disgust. Hypnosis does nothing to numb the sense of taste.
When my fingers are good and clean, I repeat the anal fingering, adding a third finger to her butthole for extra discomfort. I scour my fingers around her sensitive anal lining to pull out as much shit as possible, then have her clean my fingers up again.
So far the cunt has suffered a little pain and a lot of shame. To redress the balance I take a handful of electricians croc clips from my drawer. I could apply them myself, but it’s so much more fun to make her do it. I watch the fear in her eyes as I tell her precisely where each clip goes. I forbid her to scream out, but pathetic moans are not only permissible, but desirable.
One big clip each on the areola of each nipple. A small clip on the nipples themselves. Big clips on the outer labia – two on each cunt-lip. Smaller clips on the inner labia. And one small, tight, sharp-toothed clip on her pink and perfect clitoris. She’s shaking with pain, biting her bottom lip, and sobbing. I slap her around a bit, enjoying the sight of that naked body falling against my desk, the sharp desk corner bruising her bare buttock, and watch her fall to the floor.
“Get on your elbows and knees – I want to see your asshole winking at me, cunt.”
She complies speedily, the part of her mind under my control still eager to please. I tug on her clips, feeling her body twitch with pain, then release her tender parts from the cruel jaws. Her tit-tips and cunt-lips swell to twice their size as the blood rushes back. Then I spit once on the poor girl’s asshole and begin raping it with my hard prick. I’m a little over average sized, nothing special but it’s more than enough to make Charlize feel very uncomfortable indeed. This must be her worst nightmare, the limit of what she can imagine. Fortunately, I have a more developed imagination and can think of quite a few worse things to do with her.
After vigorously buggering the sobbing slut for some minutes, I pull my cock from her now red-raw rectum and offer it to her to lick clean.
“Be a good girl and lick your shit off my cock. Gently.”
She extends her tongue and laps dutifully at my shit-smeared member, brown stains coming off on her tongue. If I shot my come now it would look like a chocolate cream melting in her mouth. But I have great self-control, developed over years in this position, fulfilling my fantasies with the most beautiful girls in the world.
When my prick is glistening and clean and poor Charlize has a taste in her mouth she’ll not soon forget, I have her shift her attention to my asshole. She licks at it eagerly, as if she actually enjoyed this kind of abuse. I’ve had my way with masochists before (this business is full of them) and enjoyed myself thoroughly, but nothing compares to the pleasure of making an independent young woman with no sexual kinks to speak of demean herself to the greatest possible degree.
Hauling the tormented cunt to her feet by her hair, I push her over my desk on her back and rudely pull her legs apart.
“Put your hands on your head and keep your legs spread wide, cunt.”
I play with her titties. The nipples are sore and tender, jagged red marks where the clamps bit into her sensitive skin. I tug the nipples, twist them around, and crush them between finger and thumb. I dig my fingernails in. Charlize squirms, but doesn’t, can’t, move out of position.
Then I shift my cruelty south. Her aching cunt lips are scarred with red marks from the croc clips too. I pull her cunt wide open, stretching the lips until Charlize winces and sucks air through her teeth in pain. I pinch and flick her delicate clit. I pluck a few hairs from her neatly-trimmed blonde bush.
Then I begin the spanking.
Most girls will let a man like my spank their ass if they think they stand to gain something from me. Some will even let me smack their tits – it’s a pleasure to watch those golden globes bounce, let me tell you. But you really have to hypnotise a slut before she’ll let you smack her cunt, even gently.
I don’t have to be gentle with Charlize. I administer a succession of stinging back-handers to her tender twat, and watch with satisfaction as it reddens and juices up. The sluts might not like this treatment, but there’s nothing like it for making their cunnies slick and hungry.
I trust she’s done a good job licking me clean, because now I’m raping her stinging slit. It’s a real pleasure to get close to her face and watch the suffering in her eyes.
Of course, mutual orgasm only happens in the movies. And my office. I tell her to come just as I’m about to. She has the mother of all orgasms, the final humiliation to her afternoon of shame, just as I spurt my thick creamy cum up her sopping cunthole.
And that’s it, apart from the standard command to tell nobody, and to report back next week for phase two. I’ve tired myself out and temporarily run out of ideas for this slut, but between now and then I’m sure I can think of plenty more tricks to try.

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